2005 Evernham Motorsports

  Evernham Motorsports
Statesville, NC


Since opening the doors of Evernham Motorsports in 1999, the organization has grown tremendously to meet the demanding and competitive needs of the race team, serve the sponsors who support the team and thrill the fans who follow the team's exciting on-track action. Evernham Motorsports, with 180-plus employees, now encompasses six separate businesses, including:

Evernham Motorsports Race Facility - Conveniently located across the street from the airport and the team's fleet of planes in Statesville, NC, this 90,000-square-foot facility is the primary hub for Evernham Motorsports. This beautiful facility is where the team's employees meticulously prepare and maintain all of the race cars, pit equipment and haulers used throughout the season. It also is home to the administrative personnel and executive staff that plan and execute the business elements of the organization. The race shop features a state-of-the-art fabrication, body shop, assembly, and research and development center.

Dodge R&D Technology Center - The Dodge R&D Technology Center, based at the Evernham Motorsports Race Shop in Statesville, North Carolina, is the North Carolina branch of Dodge’s Technology Center which is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Evernham Motorsports Museum and Gift Shop - Located in Statesville adjacent to the Evernham Motorsports Race Shop, the Museum offers a historical tour through the careers of Ray Evernham, Bill Elliott, Jeremy Mayfield and Kasey Kahne. Visitors can buy Evernham Motorsports memorabilia to add to their collections.

Evernham Engines - Powerful engines are the core of Evernham Motorsports' winning performance, and the engine development on the team's R5-P7 Dodge Magnum engines is done at Evernham Engines in Mooresville, N.C. From innovative computer modeling systems to advanced tooling equipment to full-scale dynamometers, Evernham Engines creates and builds the most competitive engines in racing.

Evernham Performance Parts - For weekend racers and up-and-coming pros, Evernham Performance Parts builds and sells the parts that produce performance. Evernham Performance Parts offers the full line of Mopar Performance Parts and its own proprietary parts line. Co-located with Evernham Engines in Mooresville, N.C., Evernham Performance Parts is open to the public.

Evernham Marketing Services - Drivers' and teams' images and endorsement are important brand assets, and Evernham Marketing Services manages the marketing of the team and its drivers. From sponsorship development to sponsor program management, licensing, special promotions, speaking engagements and advertising, Evernham Marketing Services offers one-stop shopping that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of a marketing program with the team.

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