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Powerful engines are the core of Evernham Motorsports' winning performance, and the engine development on the team's R5-P7 Dodge Magnum engines is done at Evernham Engines in Concord, N.C. From innovative computer modeling systems to advance tooling equipment to full-scale dynamometers, Evernham Engines creates and builds the most competitive engines in racing.

Mark McArdle - GM of Evernham Engines

Mark McArdle
September 18, 2021
LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Resides: Mooresville, NC
Wife: Peggy
Children: Jennifer

Mark McArdle leads the effort to create more power and performance into Evernham Engines, whether for the R5-D7 Dodge Magnum engines for NASCAR competition or for engines run in sprint car, Silver Crown, Late Model and ARCA racing. In the process, the durability of the engine must not be compromised. The effort has been a success as engines that are both powerful and durable have become the trademark of McArdle and his Evernham Motorsports team.

McArdle came to Evernham Motorsports in 2003 with an open mind about the improvements he could bring to the team, primarily due to his background and training in open wheel racing. He started attending races at age eight, and soon he was hooked. Before long, he was working his way up the ranks of the open wheel series, going from Formula Super Vee in 1982 to Formula Atlantic in 1985 to the big leagues in 1986 with Fischer Engineering.

By 1987, McArdle was working with the Kraco Car Stereos Racing Team with driver Michael Andretti in CART. He then worked with Truesports before joining Penske Racing as an engine builder. It was at Penske Racing that McArdle won the first of his three Indy 500 victories – including 1991 with Rick Mears and 1993 with Emerson Fittipaldi – before joining Ilmor Engineering, Inc. At Ilmor, he headed Trackside Support and was the Director of U.S. Development and Production Engine Building. He returned to the winner's circle at Indianapolis in 1994 with Al Unser, Jr. and, in 1997, won the CART manufacturer's title with Mercedes Benz.

McArdle moved to stock car racing in 1999 with PPI Motorsports, and went on to work at Yates Racing Engines before joining Evernham Motorsports in May 2003.

Like his boss Ray Evernham, McArdle claims an “open wheel” mindset that constantly pushes to go further, faster, with better technology. His philosophy for managing a race team? Lead from the front; communicate, communicate, communicate; keep in mind that it's a people business; and remember that preparation is 9/10s of the law.

So far, the proof is in the power. Evernham Motorsports has improved steadily during the two seasons McArdle has been on board and is poised to race not just for victories, but for championships.

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